Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Talking to Each Other

Isn’t this just the best picture? I gotta get me one of those shirts! Sometimes we make the simplest things difficult – like building up the mystique of another age group until we find it impossible to interact with them.

I’m off to visit my daughter next month for 8 days for Christmas. Every time I visit her I insist that we listen to what she’s listening to on the radio. Why? Well, for one, it helps me keep current on what’s going on culturally for her generation.  But probably more importantly, it gives us a conversation to have. 

I think many older people are actually intimidated by the young, afraid of being viewed as a dinosaur and so we fulfill our own prophecy. After all, if we’re not actively “being” in their world – which runs parallel to our own – we do become archaic. 

It’s been my experience that most of the young will cut you a break, especially if they sense that you are sincerely interested in what they think and what they’re doing, AND if they feel comfortable that you are not going to make judgments or try to tell them what to do. 

Next time you have an opportunity to start up a conversation with someone significantly younger than you, try listening.

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