Thursday, August 9, 2012

7 Ways to Feel Younger Right Now

Needing a cure for the “I’m getting older” blahs? Can’t wait another minute? Well, here you go – a few quick cures. 

  • Take a child to the playground. Actually play with it. Amazing concept, I know. Just try the swings or ride the merry-go-round, too. Don’t stand to one side watching. Participate.
  • Find somewhere to sit quietly for a few minutes. Now concentrate. Remember something you did when you were younger that was brave, fearless or just plain outrageous. Did you jump out of an airplane? Did you make a speech and kick booty? Go skinny-dipping? What? You did something that took courage. Find that something and revel in it. Write an email to your children or an old friend and tell them about it. Feel good about it. 

  • Think of an older person who makes you cringe when they start complaining. Are you like that? If not – good for you and give yourself brownie points. If you are – then resolve right here and now not to be like that anymore. Pick up the phone, call someone and tell them how much you appreciate them. Maybe it’s your doctor’s assistant or possibly your mother. Whatever and whoever – just do it right now. Pledge to break the habit of complaining.

  • Turn on a radio station that plays music you’re not familiar with. Listen for 30 minutes. It can amazing. You might find you actually like some of the “kids’ music”. Or maybe Country isn’t so bad. 

  • Buy a magazine that is age-affirming then sit down and read it. Ladies, I recommend MORE magazine and gentlemen, you might give Esquire a new look-see. Both magazines look beyond the young and beautiful. 

  • Find one really great thing about yourself and play it up. Is it your eyes? Well, rush right out and get a new makeup to try.  Are you a people person and proud of it? Well, go (yes, right now) to the grocery store and find someone who looks a little down and make them smile. You can do it. Perhaps, you’ve always loved your feet (female or male on this one) – then go get a pedicure and celebrate that fact.  

  • Do something silly. That’s right. Step out of your grownup skin and be completely and absolutely silly for a few minutes. I can almost hear you saying “Like what?” Spin around until you get dizzy. Give someone a raspberry. Stick out your tongue. Buy a balloon from a street vendor. Eat a popsicle in public. Sing along to a street musician’s song. Whatever feels fun to you that you haven’t done in a long time, because “grownups don’t do that.” Do it. Do it now.

There now, don’t you feel better?

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