Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Experts Say…

We all know what the experts say, don’t we? It’s all about exercise and eating right. That’s what will keep you young physically.  Still, it doesn’t hurt to have a few reminders.  So, here you go. I really like these two articles because they keep it simple.  I can’t see any reason why the second one is just for women, so guys – have at it. 

The thrust of this blog will be as much about attitude as anything else, but these two links are a good start to getting into the mindset to reach for extended youth. That’s what we’re doing here, right? We want to “LIVE YOUNG” and hopefully “DIE OLD”.  There you go!

See you at the gym or at the farmer’s market or maybe, on the walking path at the park.


  1. I'm gonna live forever. My score is 12 out of 12> (Except for an extra drink now & then.

    Also loved the video, especially the older woman who dresses for herself and doesn't give a shit if anyone doesn't like it. I think she is also the one who gave the advice to young women that they too will be getting old.
    My grandmother used to say Tis come, (pointing to herself) and then,pointing to my father and his sisters (tis coming).

    Love your new blog!

    1. So glad you're enjoying this! I'm not revealing my scores but I'm working on it!

      Love gramma!